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Kissflame is an emerging alternative queer rock duo based in LA. Their style fuses dirty yet enhancing guitars to versatile vocals and infectious rock rhythms. College drop-out turned rock singer, Amanda Black (she/her) is the figurehead for the band. After fighting her way out of the bible belt, she moved to Seattle where she met musician, Aris Coover (they/them). They instantly became best friends, started writing songs together and the duo soon became Kissflame. Their songs detail their struggles with mental health and trying to gain a footing in the new wild city that is Los Angeles. They have since released five singles and have played & sold out many iconic venues in LA such as Yamashiros, Canter’s Kibitz Room, The Hotel Cafe, The Mint, The Rainbow Room, and more. The band is releasing their 6 song debut EP starting FEB 2023.

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