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i.V KiNG

i.V KiNG


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i.V KiNG (she/her) is a perfect blend of A-List pop and modern storytelling. She was certainly not crowned without struggle, her lyrics paint vivid pictures of both the beauty and pain of growing up with one foot in the church and the other in the LGBTQ+ community. KiNG’s sound blends Olivia Rodrigo pop accessibility with visceral lyricism and storytelling you might expect on a Brandi Carlile album. As a queer artist, inspiration for many of KiNG’s songs is to increase LGBTQ+ visibility and storytelling in the pop culture and music space. “Growing up with one foot in a midwest conservative church and the other foot in the LGBTQ+ community has provided an interesting and sometimes painful perspective for my storytelling. While ‘RHONDA’ and other songs on my upcoming EP, Revenge Mommy, were specifically written from the queer experience, they are not exclusive to my community. My writing crosses the emotional spectrum of all listeners who have experienced loss or heartache and invites all listeners on a journey to examine and reclaim pieces of themselves.” Revenge Mommy is KiNG’s second collection of new material since her time in the band LUX, which was a duo composed of KiNG and Jake Wesley Rogers. KiNG will be performing her new songs at Pride festivals throughout the Midwest in 2023, as well as at the national concert series “The Queer Revival,” which she founded to reclaim spaces that were taken from the LGBTQ+ community. 

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