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Erin Booher

Erin Booher


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Erin Booher (she/her), a seasoned stylist and social media influencer with a decade-long journey in the world of hair artistry, is a name synonymous with a diverse range of styles. With an unwavering passion for channeling self-expression through hair, Erin introduces herself as a dedicated style virtuoso. Hailing originally from Missouri, Erin has seamlessly transitioned into the vibrant lifestyle of Southern California. Her affinity for music finds her gravitating towards live shows during her moments away from the styling chair. Erin's unique charm lies in her ability to foster an atmosphere of collaboration and camaraderie. Beyond the shears and color, she's a connoisseur of connections and laughter. The ambiance in her chair and on social media is a testament to her commitment to creating an inviting and laid-back cultural space.

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